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Komal vs Marco in board games

Komal vs Marco in board games

board games

Ever get really aggressive with your partner when playing a game with them, be it a video game or board game or just stupid competitive stuff? Then your partner accuses you of verbal abuse? Yeh that happened to me. It cracked me up, much to Marco’s displeasure because surely I’m supposed to be apologetic. What made it so funny was that I don’t even remember saying anything aggressive towards him, I was just really into the game! So I ‘apparently’ called him “Sneaky Bastard” and exclaimed repeatedly “Fuck you, you ruined my strategy”…..lol still cracks me up. Usually I’m in the shits if I swear at Marco, but it looks like when it comes to games it’s ok, namely because I don’t even remember saying these things 😀

Shout out to Decked Out Gaming for the Hey That’s My Fish and Codenames games. Hey That’s My Fish is my favourite because it’s super easy to play, and it provides an outlet for my verbal aggression.

P.S. On review, Marco and I had a massive discussion on whether to use “I’m supposed to or I’m suppose to”, Marco was for the former.  After some googling of course I was wrong, with this as a explanation from young Marco “the reason this form is confusing is because the adjective is directly inherited from the verb”. Bloody lack of learning grammar in Australia…fml, and I’m ‘supposed‘ to be native English speaker lol. Now I’m waiting for Marco to correct my commas, around point of contention within our relationship, dear me!

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  • Awesome to hear you’re enjoying the games Komal 🙂
    I totally understand your frustration as the same thing happens when I play with Ivan (he aaaalways wins) lol
    PS: you should get into Magic the Gathering – it’s what I’m learning at the moment and loving it! I can ship you some starter decks if you’re interested – the beauty of running a gaming store 😉

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