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I hate Plantar Fasciitis! I’m kicking it out the door.

I hate Plantar Fasciitis! I’m kicking it out the door.

I hate Plantar Fasciitis. It’s like having a whingy, irritating companion that you just can’t wait to get rid of. And when you do, this companion comes back to stay for a while. I should mention that it’s painful too. Right now I’m beating it, for good I hope!

I’ve had Plantar Fasciitis on and off for a couple of years, physiotherapy did help but it would reoccur every so often, usually when I stopped exercising for a few weeks at a time (life happens and exercise sometimes takes a back seat).

Recently we had a weekend trip to London and my Plantar Fasciitis nearly ruined it. My feet grew tired after an hour of wandering around then they very quickly became painful. I would stretch my feet and rest them for a few mins which relieved the pain, but the more we walked around the shorter the relief lasted. Grrr, it was so frustrating since we’re have to cut our sightseeing plans short. We had a Paris weekend trip the week after, I  was cursing my enthusiasm for cheap flights!

The fright of having another weekend trip ruined by my painful feet kick started a furious search on how people have fixed their Plantar Fasciitis. I happened upon two youtube videos (links below) that didn’t give the same drivel about foot stretches and foot exercises that seem to be copy pasted across most websites. The first videos is of someone who cured his Plantar Fasciitis. His experience and things he did were really interesting to hear. I started doing some of the things he suggested (except running, but I did start walking a lot). The second video is from a young man who has a youtube channel for Plantar Fasciitis, I love his explanations and treatment suggests. His trigger point video was so damn helpful, it was a real light bulb moment, working my trigger points out in my calfs was crazy painful but it helped so much. The third video has a sweaty gym guy showing some effective stretches.

So I stretched and massaged, trying to diffuse all my trigger points all through the 5 days before Paris. It worked wonders! And I had a start and end of day stretch and massage routine to ensure my calfs and feet were supple. Paris trip was much more pleasant. Sure my feet did get tired but they weren’t painful for most of the day! Also I didn’t wear my soft insoles, I realised is that my arches were strong, with some monitoring I was able to ensure I was walking properly (no funny gait movements).

So weeks later, I don’t wear insoles, I walk a lot more, I massage my calfs for trigger points at least once a week or the day after hectic exercise, and I look forward to swimming once a week with Marco (usually I would be very petulant about dipping my body into cold water to exercise). Key is to get your feet working and making sure your legs are trigger point free.

Finally, I brought a pair of Birkenstocks that my feet love being in!! I also recommend Vibram soled shoes, look them up and buy a pair! Vibram flex with the movement of my feet which allows my feet to work and become stronger. If your Plantar Fasciitis is fresh, then perhaps ease into these types of shoes. No, this post is not sponsored, just providing my genuine 2 cents.

With motivation and the right info, Plantar Fasciitis can definitely be overcome!



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